XOBC Cellars

Brandi Carlile and Catherine Shepherd Carlile, Amy and Jeri Andrews

  • 3213 W. Wheeler St., Suite 700
Rose Grenache Gris Syrah Rose Cabernet Sauvignon Red Blend

Founded in 2019 by multi-Grammy winning artist Brandi Carlile, her wife Catherine, and their friends, Amy and Jeri Andrews, XOBC Cellars is the antithesis of mediocrity. Steeped in generosity, their winery showcases the prestige and pedigree of the best that Walla Walla wine has to offer, coupled with an affable approachability. These women fused music and wine with a common goal of making a  difference. In a male-dominated industry, XOBC Cellars is a true outlier, showcasing female & LGBTQ+ leadership alongside superior fruit from world-renowned estate vineyards. Their dedication to the quality and care of their wines mirrors their commitment to creating change within the community.

Since inception, XOBC Cellars has donated proceeds to Brandi’s Looking Out Foundation, helping to provide assistance to those most vulnerable and in need. Drenched in community and friendship, their winery is an enviable example of a brand and collective that can contribute to the greater good. By bottling the goodness that comes from sharing a meal with a friend or a stranger and by creating wines reminiscent of a campfire, of the woods, of a sunrise or sunset, this team of women in wine has raised the bar for the entire industry.