Elkfield Wines

Jane Khoury

  • 7801 State Highway 20
Rose Pinot Noir Cabernet Franc Merlot

With focused intention and a joy of farming, Elkfield Wines represent the intrinsic flavors of  Mendocino County. A symphony of new world fruit and old world winemaking, each wine is a distinctive combination of meticulously grown grapes, nuanced climate, and soil expression.  All wines are made with 100% estate-grown Demeter® Biodynamic Certified fruit, which is fermented with indigenous yeast and free of interventions.

For over four decades, the Khoury family has been dedicated to cultivating world-class vines and wines. Under the leadership of Gabi Khoury, his children Jane and Nicholas have stepped into their respective roles as winemaker and viticulturist.  Jane Khoury studied Viticulture and Enology from UC Davis, then continued on to earn her MBA in Wine Business from Sonoma State University. She went on to gain practical experience working under masterful winemakers in both California and France. Jane continues to push boundaries as a winemaker while also working as an Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse.