Dunstan Wines

Ellie Phipps Price

  • 1945 Felder Rd
Pinot Noir Chardonnay

As part owner of the legendary Durell Vineyard in Sonoma Valley, Ellie Phipps Price launched Dunstan in 2008 with her husband Chris Towt. Dunstan is the patron saint of blacksmiths who tricked the devil into making a promise to stay away, rendering the horseshoe a lucky charm. When Ellie and Chris were walking the vineyard and found a horseshoe etched with Dunstan, they knew they’d also found a winery name that would bring good fortune. While the Dunstan endeavor has grown in stature, it remains small in production under the guidance of Kenneth Juhasz (Donum Estate, Auteur). Today, with the addition of Star Mooring Farm in the Willamette Valley, the Dunstan project is an expression of two distinct appellations.

With a demonstrated love of the land and its inhabitants, Ellie Phipps Price is a devoted equestrian who also founded Montgomery Creek Ranch and Preserve, a 2,000-acre ranch near Stonyford, California where more than 200 wild horses roam free. She is also the board president of the American Wild Horse Campaign. Her first mustang is named “Dunstan.”