Varietal: Syrah

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Celebrating small businesses this weekend? Join the party.

Of more than 9,700 wineries in the United States, approximately 7,800 are categorized as “very small” (1,000 to 4,999 cases) or “limited production” (< 1,000 cases).* Most of the wine industry, then, is comprised of very small businesses. Yet the supply is controlled by a few major companies, so the wine you find on grocery store shelves is narrowed.

Good news: With a little hunting, you can still find the interesting stuff. Woman-Owned Wineries can help. Our holiday roundup lists wines produced in quantities of less than 500 cases, making them highly desired as gifts or holiday meal accompaniments. Did we mention each winery is owned and operated by incredible women entrepreneurs?

With few exceptions, we’ve tried to choose wines that a) might not already be on your radar and b) represent a range of geographic regions. Part of the purpose of Woman-Owned Wineries is to introduce unsung winemakers. With a directory that lists more than 550 woman-owned wineries across the country, we all have so much exploring to do….! Search our directory here>.

Meanwhile, here’s to a holiday season full of discovery and shared beauty.


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