Varietal: Riesling

Trestle Thirty-One

Where: In the Finger Lakes wine region, vines thrive amid a cool climate, enduring frequent rain, high humidity and frigid winters. Located just north of the Trestle Thirty-One property, Zugibe Vineyard features a very similar growing profile to the winery’s own future vineyard. According to winemaker Nova Cadamatre, she chose this site because, “I wanted to get to know the area before we planted.  It’s a warm site with softer acid which is perfect for dry styles of Riesling.”

Overlooking the northeast side of Seneca Lake, Zugibe Vineyard was formally established in 2005. Prior, it had been used as the research site of a professor of viticulture from Cornell University, who found great promise in the area.  When the Zugibe family took over the property, they continued the professor’s experimentation, planting nine grape varieties and finding several that grow particularly well there—including Riesling.


Sonoma Rising

It’s been two years since we launched Woman-Owned Wineries in the aftermath of a Sonoma County firestorm. Now, the area has been struck again. We in Sonoma County are a dedicated lot and we love our work! Show us you love it too by ordering bottles from the following list of wines from local female vintners. Many of the business owners here were directly impacted by wildfires.

We  appreciate similar lists that have been circulated. Some have lacked gender representation, so we’re here to help strike a balance.

In addition to ordering directly from these wineries, please consider signing up for our next Woman-Owned Wineries wine club shipment, which will benefit Wine Empowered, the new nonprofit educational endeavor for women and minorities.

Thank you for your support!

Amy Bess Cook

Founder, Woman-Owned Wineries


Davidson Wine Co. SANS Wine Co. BookCliff Vineyards Ser Winery

Ser means “to be” in the Spanish language. In her wines, winemaker Nicole Walsh works to express the true being of each grape variety. A native of Michigan, Nicole studied horticulture before working with Randall Grahm at Bonny Doon Vineyard in Santa Cruz County. In the two decades since, Nicole has held every position in wine production, from associate winemaker to vineyard manager to grower relations manager. These days, she operates Ser Winery and produces varietal-specific, vineyard-designate wines primarily from the Central Coast and Central California.

Sip and Share Wines Handley Cellars

Founded by Milla Handley in 1982, Handley Cellars was the first estate to feature a woman’s name on the wine label. Today the 59-acre property, located six miles northwest of Philo on Mendocino County, is overseen by Milla’s daughter Lulu Handley. Lulu carries forth the legacy of her mother with an emphasis on sustainability and a strong vision to better connect guests to the land where she was raised. Handley wines are distinctive for their elegant, fruit-driven qualities–discover them for yourself!

Bloomer Creek Vineyard Cartograph