Varietal: Merlot

Silver Coast Winery Middle Oak Wines Frichette

Where: “Red Mountain has the perfect everything for growing thick-skinned, small, berry-sized Merlot,” says winemaker Shae Frichette, speaking of the Columbia Valley sub-appellation where she makes her home. As the smallest and warmest growing region in the state, the place is also known for outstanding Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Fruit for Frichette Winery‘s Merlot grows on a southwest-facing slope, basking in prolonged sunlight to achieve robust ripeness. Cool night temperatures offer a nice acidity, explains Shae, while “low rainfall gives us the opportunity to practice water management, which contributes to grape ripeness, lack of sugar dilution, canopy management, and flavor development.”

Terah Wine Co. Baer Winery

With co-owner Lisa Baer at the helm,  Erica Orr as winemaker, and Paige Whipp as cellar master, Baer Winery is operated nearly entirely by a female crew.

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