Varietal: Chardonnay

Silver Coast Winery Oceano
Who: While Oceano Wines is a solidly West Coast label, its founder Rachel Martin has extensive East Coast viticultural roots. As former executive vice president of her family’s winery, Boxwood Estate, she was hailed by Forbes as a “force in Virginia wine” who helped establish a new appellation and give new life to the Virginia wine business. When that chapter of her career closed, she turned her attention to California, teaming up with her husband,  entertainment producer Kurt Deutsch, to found Oceano Wines. Marbue Marke, a native of Sierra Leone who has more than 25 vintages under his belt, is the Oceano winemaker.
Rusty Hook Winery Seagrape Cellars Poundstone

Where: Carneros, Sonoma County

Who: Melody Meckfessel is an accomplished software engineering executive that has been described by WIRED Magazine as “The Woman at the Heart of Everything Google Builds” and by Business Insider as “one of the most powerful women in tech”(Yeah. Wow!)

Hailing from generations of ranchers, including the matriarchal namesake Jessie Doris Poundstone, Melody continued the family farming tradition with the founding of Poundstone Wines in 2007. In the vineyard and cellar, she collaborates with winemaking partner Bruce Devlin; her brother Bryan Mann and sister-in-law Cristen Mann help lead operations.

Why: You’re craving a classic Chardonnay with a bit of extra vibrance and inspiration.

La Cienega Vineyard Trestle 31 Wander + Ivy Six Cloves Wines Baer Winery

With co-owner Lisa Baer at the helm,  Erica Orr as winemaker, and Paige Whipp as cellar master, Baer Winery is operated nearly entirely by a female crew.