Theopolis Vineyards

Petite Sirah

Estate Grown

Featured on July 20, 2019

Where: Yorkville Highlands, Mendocino County

Who: Theo “Theopatra” Lee, descended from Texas cattle ranchers and newspaper owners

How: Cultivated in the upper elevations and full sun of the Yorkville Highlands in Mendocino County, this Petite Sirah has an ideal growing environment. The fruit was aged in 25 percent new French oak for 23 months, then bottled unfiltered.

Why: Oooh, let us count the reasons… It’s not just that 2013 was an ideal vintage. It’s not just that this wine has earned rave reviews, scores, and medal. And it’s not just that the winery is run by the unstoppable Theo “Theopatra” Lee, one of the only black women farming grapes in the United States.

Drinking this wine is like sipping a seamless skein of silk. Its tannins have had time to mellow so that the wine comes together like a dream.  Even in the midst of summer, when it can be hard to imagine drinking a bold red wine (much less a Petite Sirah) this one stands the test.